At Constellation Consulting, LLC, we recognize the cultural and intellectual richness in New Mexico. There are effective programs and initiatives born from generations of knowledge and experience here in New Mexico and from across our nation. We believe in identifying what works to improve quality of life in the places we work, live and play and investing in those programs and initiatives. Engaging communities and stakeholders with our clients to assist in scaling work that is evidence-based or otherwise proven to be successful to benefit more people is our goal.

New Mexico is truly the Land of Enchantment and a wonderful place to live. We know however that New Mexico is in the bottom of many of the most concerning indicators for public health, education, and has been listed as one of the worst states to raise a family. We believe by working together we can solve these problems, support our communities and families, improve our schools and environments, and create vibrant economic opportunities for growth and success. By identifying effective strategies and partners, and building capacity and infrastructure, we can create the constellation of factors to improve the quality of life for families in New Mexico.