The Constellation Consulting Team

Constellation Consulting is a cooperative of consultants in New Mexico with a wide range of skills and experience in public health, nonprofit management, social services, advocacy/policy, data evaluation, health equity, behavioral health, and more.

Constellation Consulting is growing!

Constellation Consulting is seeking a Strategic Events Consultant. CLICK HERE for the role description and how to apply.


We work on a variety of projects, and we are always looking for experienced and new consultants to join our Constellation! If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume with cover letter to Constellation Consulting is a breastfeeding-friendly, nicotine/tobacco-free and substance-free organization.


Constellation Consulting only hires or contracts with consultants after voice calls, video meetings, or, when possible, in person interviews to verify identity and credentials. Constellation Consulting will never request your username or password for banking or other financial services. Please be safe, read requests carefully, and protect yourself from online scams.