The Constellation Consulting Team

Jim Myers

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Jim Myers offers the rewarding experience of genuine connecting and network building. With a vocational past including manufacturing, entrepreneurship in the service sector, health/spiritual care and non-profits, he brings a wide range of venue experience to any corporate table. His degree is a combination of Cultural Anthropology, Social Psychology and Communication. His background and experience are a perfect fit for the diversity of New Mexico.

Jim specializes in coaching/training the so-called “soft skills” in organizations, including individual Emotional Quotients and relationship-building in market development. He focuses on character/reputation development, with both individuals and organizations. Recently, as Director of Business Development for an area Home Health Agency, within 8 months, Jim raised the organization’s Google rating from 3.3 Stars/11 reviews to the current 4.6 Stars/64 reviews. This allowed for exponential growth in site discovery and placed the agency at the top of organic searches for both home healthcare and hospice. In another instance, he facilitated a two-day course in better communication, understanding and efficiency in the Kidney Transplant department for Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

He is passionately customer-obsessed, helping to remove barriers and enhancing nimble, responsive communication between the organization and its stakeholders. He coaches toward authentically active listening skills. He’s been a member of the Screen Actors Guild, hosted 2 TV shows and 1 radio program, has acted locally in musical theater, and with his short play writing skills, is adept at creating/directing improvisational role-playing scenarios for better communication and positively influenced results in most settings.

He is certified as a Master Financial Coach with Ramsey Solutions and a certified Ziglar “Choose to Win” Coach. He also has numerous course certifications in leadership development. He is New Mexico’s only certified Conductorcise Trainer, is ordained and been a Notary for over 15 years. He has been a volunteer for nearly 20 national/local non-profits, often serving in leading positions on boards. He has written for and has been published in Bride’s Magazine, Videomaker, Professional Photographer and The Wall Street Journal.

But most importantly, he’s ecstatically married to his wife Jennifer, and is father and stepfather to Brianna, Taylor, Abrey and Jonathan. 2 Dogs: One 7-year-old rescue named “Q” and Cassia, a Hungarian Vizsla.